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    Ever wonder what a fashionista wears to bed? We chatted with Caroline Vazzana, fashion editor, influencer, stylist and author– she’s basically the real life Carrie Bradshaw– to find out!
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    Meet Laurel Pantin, Fashion Director at Large for ByGeorge. We chatted with her about all things style, self-care and sleep.
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    Olesia Anisimovich is a health coach and NYC mom who understands the importance of me time. Read on for her Mother’s Day wish list full of gifts that are sure to delight!
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    We chatted with LA-based fashion blogger Hallie Swanson about all things bedtime and got the inside scoop on her “off-duty” time.
  • Samantha Leal Knows Self-Care

    “Self-care for me is also about the proactive things: Setting boundaries, saying no, and not being afraid to disappoint people by putting parameters around your interactions and your time.”
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    This Tampa-based lifestyle blogger and mom gets real with us about her nighttime routines, guilty pleasures, and more.
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    For Aemilia Madden, senior fashion editor at The Zoe Report, winding down before bed is essential; it’s her way of clearing her mind and combatting daily stressors that prevent a restful sleep.
  • The Rituals & Remedies of Ayurveda with Navi Gill

    “Most of us under or oversleep and stay up well past the time we should,” says Ayurveda practitioner, educator and therapist Navi Gill.
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    Meet Sai De Silva, the New York-based fashion blogger behind Scout The City. This stylish mom shares with us everything about her nighttime routine, from sleepwear to skincare.
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    Lauren Scruggs Kennedy knows a thing or two about wellness. From meditation to journaling, she takes us through her key ingredients to a good night’s sleep.
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    Meet the lifestyle blogger behind A Slice O’ Pi, Andrea Pion Pierre. She shares with us her nighttime routine, favorite skincare products, and more.
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    Looking for a beauty and style guru who is effortlessly cool? Meet Hélène Heath, a Hudson Valley and NYC-based content creator.
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    This chef has a serious skincare routine and very cool approach to eating (&drinking!) well.
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