• Bloom, Taurus!

    When April showers bring May flowers, we know it’s Taurus season (April 20-May 20)! Symbolized by the bull, this sign is patient, loyal, and sensual.
  • Happy Cosmic New Year! It’s Aries Season.

    Spoil the bold, straightforward, and vibrant fire sign with these perfect gift ideas.
  • Relax & Reset! It’s Pisces Season.

    Pisces is the most compassionate and empathetic sign, which can be overwhelming at times, so it’s important that this water sign stay grounded. We’ve curated an edit of everything a Piscean needs for some serious downtime!
  • Back to School! It’s Virgo Season.

    Virgo season is a transitionary period. Take this opportunity to develop new healthy habits!
  • Rise & Shine! It’s Leo Season.

    Happy August! It’s Leo Season and since the Sun is the ruler of Leo, this month’s summery energy feels fitting.
  • Self-Care Summer! It’s Cancer Season.

    And now, we rest. After June’s two powerful Eclipses, Mercury Retrograde and more, July grounds us all the way down with less Astrological transits and more stabilizing emotional security.
  • Let Love Rule! It’s Gemini Season.

    This sixth month explores the role of emotional security and safety in our romantic and intimate relationships.
  • Mayday! It’s Eclipse Season.

    Mayday, mayday! It’s Eclipse Season! The fifth month of this year is among the most Astrologically significant.
  • New Beginnings! It’s Aries Season.

    We’ve entered Aries, the zodiac’s first sign in chronological order – it initiates the tabula rasa. The blank slate. The new beginnings.
  • Dream On! It’s Pisces Season.

    Welcome to Pisces Season! This is the zodiac season that The Sleep Code and Starry Nights belongs to. The last sign of the zodiac, Pisces is our chapter of of wonder, dreams, and surrender.
  • February Stars by Colin Bedell

    This February we’re going to be thinking about how do we define “community”?
  • Goodnight 2020! December Horoscopes

    And so we’ve arrived at the last chapter of 2020. This month typically has both hope and grief. We look forward to the opportunity to begin again. And we mourn what we’ve lost.  
  • A Word with Astrologist Colin Bedell: November Horoscopes