A Word with Astrologist Colin Bedell: November Horoscopes

The Astrological adage “As Above – So Below” is a lullaby if we understand the language of the Universe.

Now I know the language, methods, and practice of Astrology can feel complex and intimidating. So I’ll try my best to summarize the key concepts of how knowing your individualized Astrology could help you understand your sleep code.

Beyond “my sign” – or, the constellation the sun was transiting the moment we took our first breathe – each and every one has a birth chart. It’s essentially a map of time which tells the story of your self-actualization. Within this chart, there are twelve sections known as houses. Each house in the chart holds a theme and its corresponding environment within the larger story of your self actualization.

The house that we’ll review here which corresponds to the sleep code is the twelfth. The twelfth house in Astrology – much like sleep, dreams, and the subconscious – is complex, provocative, and mysterious. Since it’s generally understood as the house of the subconscious mind, we’ll explore below – based on your sun and rising sign if you know both – the crucial details of your twelfth house and how it helps you decipher your sleep code.

I have a working theory that if we work through our twelfth house matters during the day, we’ll be able to let the subconscious mind take us to sleep.

November Horoscopes

It’s Eclipse Season! Every six months, Astrology presents with about 2-3 powerful Eclipses to give us change where we want and need it. The energy of this Eclipses are so potent that Astrologers give their readers a pre and post bell curve of one month to see effects. Since our first Eclipse is a Lunar Eclipse in Gemini on November 30, it’s possible that the entire month’s experiences could build to that date’s grand finale.

But first, Election Day! Mercury retrograde in Libra ends at 12:49pm EDT. Since Mercury rules transportation, technology, and communication – including places of communication like the post office ! – do ensure proactive, preemptive strategies for voting safely and punctually!

Mars retrograde ends on Friday the 13 giving the zodiac forward movement on what their newfound, perhap changed desires based on a theme/experience/relationship which started when Mars first went direct on September 9th, 2020.

It is Scorpio Season after all! So the annual New Moon in Scorpio on November 17th gives the zodiac an opportunity to reset our relationship with significant Scorpio ruled contexts like: intimacy, shadow work, transformation, authenticity, sexuality, truth discovering and telling. I’m also thinking that Scorpio rules the way we talk to ourselves so under the New Moon you may want to reframe your inner-monologue/self-talk when contextualizing all those Scorpio ruled topics with greater resilience, accountability, and worthiness. Venus enters Scorpio on November 21st helping us harmonize and relationally connect with others from the Scorpio topics, ideas, and practices.

After the New Moon gives us the clarity along with Venus’ help in Scorpio on those important topics, the Sun enters Sagittarius on November 21st. Sagittarius Season pushes the zodiac to tell the newly understood Truths they acquired and live from the learning of Scorpio. We have to remember that it’s one thing to “know” a thing; but the rubber really meets the road where we apply what know and live from the learning so we can transform the quality of our life. And on the last day of the month, the Lunar Eclipse (a supercharged Full Moon which governs endings and completions) sets the stage for the Solar Eclipse (a supercharged New Moon which invites new experiences and beginnings) in Sagittarius two weeks later. The Lunar Eclipse in Gemini reminds us that the most dangerous thing we do is talk and the most infrequent thing we do is listen carefully. Yet we don’t often take the initiate to learn how to communicate in responsible, clear, and reciprocal ways. So take the energy of the Lunar Eclipse in Gemini to extend thoughtful curiosity about communication and intend to be intentional about language, listening to improve the quality of your life. When others feel heard, known, and listened to in our presence, that’s the best gift we can give to them and it’s an honor to know we did it.

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    Look at your glow up, Aries! Again! As the sign which rules new beginnings and being made anew when we don’t take the past with us into the present, Mars retrograde in your sign has helped you understand what needs to be surrendered so you can be even more true to yourself in the present. A New Moon in Scorpio on the 17th helps you bring the autonomy and desire to the realm of relationship commitment, intimacy, and sexuality. Who do you want to be, who do you want, and what do you want to and/or create with them? The Sun entering Sagittarius returns the fire to your curiosity, willingness to learn, passions for adventure, and exploration. Find pandemic friendly ways to reinvent on location and bring a new set of eyes to familiar places. The Lunar Eclipse in Gemini on the 30th transforms your perception, language skills, and active listening techniques so you can hear, see, and understand even more clearly.


    You can exhale now, Taurus. After Mars retrograde in Aries did a number on you; confronting you with all the ideas, beliefs, emotions, people, places, and things you need to be released from, Mars finally moves direct on the 13th. So you can breathe again! A New Moon in your Scorpio ruled romance zone on the 17th helps you invite new relational partners, deepens the dynamics you’re currently in, and/or invites new partners to your life that match the frequency, vibe, and values you’re radiating now. May the love you want and rightfully deserve be yours! Sagittarius Season starts on the 21st giving you willingness for intimacy, commitment, and deep sexual satisfaction. While the Lunar Eclipse in Gemini on the 30th helps you emotionally claim your values, contexts for security, and how to live into financial freedom. Remember, security is an inside job so claim those inner desires, values first and then live into the experience of it.


    Take it to the polls, Gemini! Passionate Mars retrograde in your Aries ruled political engagement, community organizing, social justice, and friendship sector helps you understand what it means to belong to self first so you can show up in support of others too. The New Moon in Scorpio on October 17th is in your health, wellness, and routine sector. I also think this New Moon can help you with your sleeping habits since it wants you to stay grounded, ritualized, and mindful throughout the day so you’re naturally ready for sleep when it arrives. Your most romantic time of year begins when the Sun enters Sagittarius on November 21st and brings about new relational experiences as you maintain an optimistic vision and faith about your results. Live from vision, not circumstances! A Lunar Eclipse in your sign on the 30th gives you tremendous life changes through closure, completion, and clarity on belonging, home, and family.


    You’re the boss now, Cancer! Sovereign Mars spent a retrograde in your career sector which probably brought about some conflict and clash around desire, power, and control on the job. You’re feeling both vulnerable and clarified that you know what you want to feel and be on the job, but the “how” is alluding you. That’s okay! Mars moving direct on the 13 will reveal that.

    The New Moon in Scorpio on the 17th wants your fearless, specific intentions on how to find resilience in scarcity culture. In other words, how can you claim worthiness as a birthright? Rather than anything circumstance dependent? When the Sun enters Sagittarius on the 21s, you can start embodying that Truth and integrating worthiness through a ritual, routine, wellness management, and more. The Lunar Eclipse in Gemini on the 30th wants to release you from all the low-vibe existential things that don’t serve your highest and brightest outcomes. Let it all go!


    You’ve had breakthrough after breakthrough, right Leo? Mars retrograde in your Aries ruled wisdom, academics, and horizon expansion zone has helped you learn new ways of being, thinking, feeling, and doing … righteously. When it moves direct on the 13th, you’ll be tasked with applying all that you learned to the qualities of your life that could higher wisdom. A New Moon in your Scorpio ruled home, family, and belonging zone on the 17th wants your intentions on where you feel you belong, with whom, why, and what does it all look like? Your castle awaits! The Sun entering Sagittarius on the 21st gives you even more access to living with an open-heart, full of courage, worthiness, creativity, and connection. A Lunar Eclipse in Gemini on November 30th gives you clarity, communication, and collaboration into a social justice issue, political cause, and concern that you can speak to. Take it to the streets, your majesty!


    You’re deeply in touch with what you’re feeling, Virgo. Mars retrograde in your Aries ruled transformation zone helped – albeit, sometimes painfully – understand the emotions which drive your behavior. Now that you know what you’re feeling and why, Mars moving direct on the 13th gives you urgency, momentum to do something about it. The New Moon in Scorpio on the 17th helps you bring that highly developed emotional intelligence to communication and active listening. See how you’re picking up the cues, tones, body language, and more. When the Sun enters freedom loving Sagittarius on the 21st; I want you to think about your home, chosen and of-origin family, and emotional safety gives you the freedom to be who you want to be with those who you love. A Lunar Eclipse in Gemini on the 30th provides you with a career conclusion so a new title, space, or side-hustle could match your dreams and goals!


    Did “love” turn into a battlefield, Libra? Warrior Mars turned retrograde in your Aries ruled romance zone so it’s likely that your relationships turned a bit contemptuous. Patterns, partners from the past rose from the dead and showed you where and how to improve your connections. Mars moving direct on the 13 will give you the behavior to make new, smarter choices in love! The New Moon in Scorpio on the 17th wants your intentions on financial security, clarity of values, and how to choose safety as an internal decision. It’s upside down from what the world teaches but it’s necessary to live a meaningful life. Sagittarius Season begins on the 21st giving you some straight talk leads to straight understanding moments. You can speak the truth directly, compassionately, and still ensure safety between the speaker and listener. The Lunar Eclipse in Gemini on the 30th gives you an emotional breakthrough. Be prepared to be presented with new information that could help you live in the present with more adaptability.


    Happy Birthday, Scorpio! May all your wishes come true … especially, even now. Mars turned retrograde in your Aries ruled routine, time-management, wellness, and organization zone helping you see how the little things influence big results. Take inspired action from that learning on the 13th to continue being the best version of yourself. Your annual New Moon on the 17th wants you specific, fearless, and worthy intentions on all you want to be, all you want to do, and who you want to love in this new year. When Sagittarius Season starts on the 21st, it helps you claim greater financial literacy, clarity of values, and “security” as an internal conviction you steward out the complexities of life. The Lunar Eclipse in Gemini on the 30th helps you take off the armor/defense so intimacy or (“into-me-see” cc: Esther Perel) can be yours. Use your words to share who you are and the stories that make you, amazingly you!

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    Crisis of confidence, Sag? Mars retrograde in your Aries ruled worthiness zone might have feel like you were hit with rejection, criticism, and crisis of “Am I enough?” often. By now, you’ll want to feel like your enough-ness is a birthright. It’s not situational, circumstance-dependent. So live that way starting on the 13th!  A New Moon in your Scorpio ruled completion zone on the 17th wants your intentions on release, surrender, and closure. Then your season starts on the 21st! Lead with what makes you the Centaur; wisdom, authenticity, optimism, and a big faith in humanity. I hope all your birthday wishes come true. The Lunar Eclipse in Gemini on the 30th wants you to have the romance you deserve! Consider how your language, listening, and curiosity strengthens the bonds that determine the quality of your life.


    The Civil War is almost over, Cap. Mars is retrograde in your family, home sector so if there’s conflict in your hometurf, consider it a thinly disguised wish for closeness. How I know you wish conflict was the means for closeness and connection. Mars moving direct on the 13th inspires forgiveness, boundaries, and accountability at home. A New Moon in your Scorpio ruled community zone wants your intentions on political engagement, community organizing, and friendship. Friendship is a necessary part of your life; so think of your desires there. When Sagittarius Season starts on the 21st, you may want to put up the Out Of Office because you deserve a needed break with plenty of relaxation. Have a review of what’s worked during your last year and what needs to change before Cap Season. The Lunar Eclipse in Gemini reframes your relationship with emotional regulation, routine, and wellness just in time for your season!


    As Nonviolent Communication teaches us, “…words can be windows or walls.” – right Aquarius? Warrior Mars is retrograde in your Aries ruled communication zone until the 13th helping you use your words like a window for people to see you and vice versa. A New Moon in your Scorpio ruled career zone on the 17th wants all your intentions on how to make your career dreams come true. I know the pandemic makes that a complicated desire; so be specific, fearless, and faithful towards the expression of your gifts and abilities. The Sun entering Sagittarius on the 21st helps you give voice to a social cause, political movement, and collaborate with your friends and network in order to make a more faithful, inclusive world. The Lunar Eclipse in Gemini on the 30th wants you to elevate your perception, language, and listening skills to help the revolution happen just a bit faster.


    What does “security” mean to you, Pisces? Mars is retrograde in your Aries ruled safety, values, and self-esteem zone until the 13 helping you understand ways you may accidentally give up your power when you place it in situationally based or circumstance dependent places. A New Moon in your Scorpio ruled wisdom zone on the 17th wants your intentions on “travel” – bring a new perceptive to familiar places for true discovery! – and wisdom. What helps you live from a new learning that gives you different outcomes? Sagittarius Season begins on the 21st and elevates your career based on the vision you bring to it. Remember, it’s about faith and vision not circumstances. Vision is everything for you. A Lunar Eclipse in Gemini on the 30th surrounds you with the people, places, and experiences that remind you of home. Happy homecoming!