The Power of Aroma with Nixa de Bellis

Aromatherapy is a powerful tool for getting better sleep, combatting anxiety and living to the fullest. The problem, a lot of us don’t know where to begin on this journey, but we’re here to help. Introducing Nixa de Bellis, healer, yogi and aromatherapy expert to get you started with Aromatherapy 101!

How did you first get into essential oils?

For most of my first exposures to essential oils, I was confused about what to do with these intensely potent aromatic liquids in tiny brown glass bottles. I was already an herbalist, working with whole plant tisanes, tinctures and the like. I saw an entire rack of EOs in a friend’s kitchen and opened them with curiosity. I had some idea that these were precious medicinals, but I had no clue how to use them. Later, I was training for an aesthetics license at the Aveda Institute in NYC, and there I became educated. I was learning skin care therapies, so the oils were diluted for topical application and everything smelled divine!  Even later, I learned more about their powerful healing capacities in systemic support and for elevating the mind and mood. I am still studying. The enormity of the plant library is a joyful network of energies to befriend. As plant people, we are raised by our teachers to learn a handful at a time and then learn another handful. Nature is multifaceted and kind if we are kind to Nature.

Can you explain when you first experienced, or a time you strongly experienced, the power of essential oils personally?

One of the strongest experiences of the power of essential oils I have had has been using Frankincense to lighten sun spots on my face. I love the sun. I am enriched by the golden light, yet I don’t want spots or worse. When the freckles went away after a month of daily application, I was impressed. It is considered that Helichrysum can actually protect from UV damage! (p.s.citrus oils applied on the skin make one more UV sensitive)

Where should a beginner to essential oils start their discovery?

Having a collection of 10 most commonly used oils in the house as a new medicine cabinet and first aid kit to go to when all the regular situations arise…sleep, digestion, immunity, first aid, stress management…and a reference book or reliable website and a friendly aromatherapist guide. In these days of virtual learning, I am available for counsel all over the world. I welcome anyone to reach out for a kit or for counsel.

When one first encounters a kit (a perfumer calls this collection an “organ” like an array of notes) inhale something you enjoy a few times a day and learn about 1-3 oils specifically, for 1-3 wellness concerns one is personally working with.








How can we best apply and use essential oils?

Aromatic application provides the most bioavailability of the oils in the system. It goes right in to the blood, the nerves, the lungs and is very enjoyable right from the bottle, from drops on the palms cupped over the nose, or diffusing in a room for continuous streaming of the essence. This is my favorite and the safest way to use oils.

Topical application is useful for skin, muscle and bone conditions like acne, aging, soreness and pain. There are oils that can be applied to the skin neat, but I recommend diluting everything, especially for the face and sensitive regions. 25-50% dilution in coconut or jojoba oils is my favorite ratio for most of the oils.

Internal application – One singular drop in a full glass of water is appropriate for some oils in the interest of digestion and gut related issues. The stomach acids and other thick organ walls make ingesting less bioavailable than inhalation. Surprising, right? Also, importantly, it is crucial to use only certified pure therapeutic grade oils with high standards of testing for safety when ingesting. I would only ingest brands that are the most highly tested for purity. It is important to use the most tested oils in the world. When in doubt stay away from ingesting and diffuse it!

Which aromas do you recommend for use before bed? In the morning?

1) There are oils whose properties are grounding and sedative. I suggest Ylang Ylang, Vetiver and Copaiba (CBD) for anxiety quelling. Even Patchouli if one likes that depth.

2) Any tree like Cedarwood or Siberian Fir and especially Eucalyptus if there are breathing difficulties in the night. Continual diffusing is important with breathing challenges with a sonic diffuser.

3) My current favorite is one drop of diluted Lemongrass on the thyroid area and one drop on the bottom of each foot at the Kidney meridians earthy start. This keeps the temperature balanced when one has that sleep disturbance.

4)  For the most special blessing that cradles me in comfort and rest, I anoint my brow and upper lip with Rose. Rose has the highest measured frequency of all the plant allies at 320 MHz. High vibration sleeping.

1) Lemon – one drop in a tall glass of water for GI and kidney support. Or, for internal organ fat, I like a combination of one drop of Green Mandarin and one drop of Pink Pepper in a tall glass of water.

2) Choose an oil for diffusing for the day according to your needs. Woods and roots are grounding and can forest bathe you indoors. Flowers and herbs are middle notes and help the heart and capacities of the daily work. Citrus notes are high and uplifting energizing the day. ( UV sensitivity is only with topical application and sun exposure)

Which oils can we use when we’re in a moment of anxiety?

Copaiba. This CBD is legal in all 50 states and works for me like a charm. I put one drop on the roof of my mouth and one drop on the back of my neck. Inhale, exhale, repeat.

Many of the essential oils have properties to normalize a stress response, as this is what the essences do for the plants in nature – like little bottles of trees and flowers.

How can we start to incorporate aromatherapy into our daily lives and nightly routines?

Oil Dressing. In Ayurveda, there is a practice called abhyanga which is a post shower anointing of the entire body of skin beginning at the feet and lovingly touching every square inch of oneself with a rich nutritive oil (coconut, jojoba, almond, pomegranate) and 5-10 drops of essential oil of choice. In oil dressing we enrobe ourselves with love stroking the oils always toward the heart and I recommend the healing of richly oiling the armpits especially.