Health and Motherhood with Karolina Kurkova

Karolina Kurkova, supermodel & mother, co-founded Gryph & IvyRose, an all natural line of wellness products, when she saw the need for her own family. We sat down with the entrepreneur to chat wellness, rituals & what’s next…


Has maintaining a healthy lifestyle always been a component of your life? If not, how did your health journey begin?

I grew up in a small town, and spent weekends with my grandparents at their house in the countryside, where there was lots of land to grow fruits and vegetables. We didn’t buy produce in the market. We had chickens and fresh eggs, and spent our weekends running around. I would climb trees, make homemade jam and pickles… We would make the most of the land. I grew up very used to having homemade food. My grandmother would make everything at home, including bread.

I started modeling when I was very young, at 15 years old. When I was 16 and 17, I traveled and explored the world. I saw different routines, different types of food, different approaches to beauty, and I loved it because I am a very curious person. Because I was in the fashion industry at such a young age and had such a demanding schedule, I had to figure out how to maintain a high level of energy. I had to be mindful to sustain my lifestyle at the time, otherwise I would burn out. I would take care of my mind, body, and spirit in a natural way. I started to do yoga, look at the food I was eating, and also look at the beauty products I was applying. Fifteen years ago, I went through a period of consuming raw food entirely– this was when it was not mainstream and considered very weird. While I was experiencing and trying different things, I could see the difference emotionally and physically.

Did you grow up with any herbal formulas?

Yes! My grandmother would always make a drink for me when I had a sore throat that contained milk, butter, and honey. She loved making it, and so did my mom, and now I do for my children. I also like to make a cough syrup with onion, sugar, and honey that you steep overnight.

What inspired you to start this line of holistic wellness products?

These products were created by Rachel and myself because we felt the need within our own lives. We have kids at every age and stage. It is important for children to feel like they have their own rituals; that they like the packaging, and the fragrance.

I am sure you did a huge amount of research before co-founding Gryph & IvyRose– what was something you kept coming across that surprised you?

We saw this big trend in skincare, but we felt like we needed to make the practices modern. We wanted a pleasant smell and taste, but for the products to still be natural. Our formulas are very specific; every ingredient works together to create a symphony. You have to make everything synchronistic.

I am OBSESSED with the Knight in Armor body oil. Do you use any of these products on yourself?

I love the chocolate probiotics. They are always in my bag for when I want something sweet. They are treats filled with benefits. Children and adults both enjoy them, and can have this shared wellness experience.


Gryph & IvyRose

Knight in Armor






You collaborated with a Chinese herbalist on this range– do you rely on any alternative medicine (for example, acupuncture or reflexology)?

I love acupuncture and I love cupping. Cupping is my favorite thing. I haven’t done any type of body work in the last four months, but I love cupping when I am travelling. We all have stress in our body, and I love the cupping because it helps with the blockages and doesn’t hurt. I love seeing the dark circles form on the skin! It makes me happy to see progress.

I also love doing acupuncture and cupping on my face. I love how it makes me feel, but I also love seeing the difference it makes. I look more radiant, have more of a glow, and less lines. It also releases a lot of tension in the jaw. My two boys also really enjoy cupping and acupuncture.

Do you have a top tip you’ve picked up from your mother?

My mom is very organized. She can cook, bake, sew, remodel, and paint. She can do everything, and she does it amazingly! She is such an inspiration, and makes me want to be the best that I can be.

Also, we would always sit down for meals when I was a child, and that habit is extremely important to me now. To be able to sit together, talk, and connect.

What is next? Any sneak peak?!

We are about to launch our own sanitizer. As we are a family brand, it felt like a natural extension. We love to figure out what is next by listening to our customers.