Catherine Rising Pine Meadow Smudge Sticks

These are the most gorgeous smudge sticks around. Literally. The sticks, hand-picked, are tied with a beautiful vintage ribbon, which I have kept and used as a bookmark. The personal touches really make this special purchase seem even more thoughtful, and it is lovely that each bunch of smudge sticks is one-of-a-kind.

Smudging (or saging) your space is essentially the process of getting rid of bad energy. It is an ancient practice that has roots in Native American tradition, where shamans would burn sage over a fire to cleanse people of negativity and promote healing, wisdom, and longevity. Sage is frequently referred to as a ‘healing herb’. Additionally, it has powerful antibacterial qualities, can serve as an insect repellent, and can even help with sleep quality by easing insomnia! How convenient!

The process of saging a space is as follows. First and foremost, open a window. Secondly, set your intention. What are you trying to purify and release from your space? Once you figure out your goal, decide on a corresponding mantra (it could be anything) that you can repeat while smudging. Once you decide that you are ready, you should hold the smudge stick at a 45 degree angle, light it, and let it burn for about 20 seconds. Afterwards, gently blow out the flame. The smoke should billow upwards. You can proceed to slowly walk around your space, allowing the smoke to waft around. You should give special attention to areas in front of mirrors, in corners, and in spaces like foyers, hallways, and doorways. Once you are finished, you can press the smudge stick firmly into a fireproof object until the smoke no longer rises.

This is a really beautiful ritual that should not be overlooked. There is something incredibly special about it. I would give these smudge sticks to someone for a housewarming gift, or to a friend who has perhaps gone through a hard time and needs a mental and emotional reset.

Catherine Rising

Pine Meadow Smudge Stick

An energy reset for your living space. Fragrant bundle of local pine, lavender, straw flowers, and a rose all sweetly wrapped with a vintage ribbon and a stick of sustainably harvested palo santo.