15 Cozy Upgrades for Fall

Fall is in the air. Whether you’re curling up fireside or snuggling down in bed, beat the autumn chill with our cozy upgrades for ultimate self-care.

D.S. & Durga

Portable Fireplace

$65, thesleepcode.com
it's that time of year
Johnstons of Elgin

Pure Cashmere Bedsocks

$49, thesleepcode.com
put your feet up
The Great

Sherpa College Sweatshirt

$235, thesleepcode.com
fleece done right
Susanne Kaufmann

Oil Bath For The Senses

$76, thesleepcode.com
for a warm soak on a chilly night
White & Warren

Short Robe

$450, thesleepcode.com
cashmere? yes, please!
Loli Beauty

Date Nut Brûlée

$48, thesleepcode.com
give your skin some TLC
The Great

Teammate Hoodie

$195, thesleepcode.com
vintage inspired for a deadstock feel

Burn Massage Candle

$25, thesleepcode.com
cuffing season approved

Frida Whip Stitch Long PJ Set

$138, thesleepcode.com
perfect for curling up on the couch
Skeem Design

Dune Sage Scented Matches

$24, thesleepcode.com
for a warm & woody scent
Cinnamon Projects

12AM Incense

$30, thesleepcode.com
what happens after dark...

Rib Henley

$130, thesleepcode.com
a fall classic

Stone Wash Relaxed Sweatshirt

$160, thesleepcode.com
bundle up

Stone Wash Vintage Sweat

$155, thesleepcode.com
lounge away

Shearling Slippers

$290, thesleepcode.com
for cozy toes