12 Gifts for The Holiday Hostess

The holidays are full of dinner parties, evening soirées and wondering what in the world to bring the hostess! This year, skip that standard bottle of wine and shop our collection of chic home goods, luxe candles and more. It’s a special way to say ‘thank you’ that is sure to delight and secure your invite for next year.

Skeem Design

Match Cloche

$34, thesleepcode.com
pair with a candle

U Candle

$120, thesleepcode.com
chicer than tapers, cooler than flowers
Tennen Studio

Premium Long Sticks Assortment

$32, thesleepcode.com
for relaxation after the festivities
Johnstons of Elgin

Herringbone Merino Bed Throw

$280, thesleepcode.com
a throw that's actually big enough for cozying up
Anna Karlin

Bedside Carafe

$210, thesleepcode.com
perfect for setting the (bedside) table
D.S. & Durga

Tuberose Myrrhder Candle

a sophisticated scent for holiday soirées

Rose Duo Gift Set

$75, thesleepcode.com
perfect for the guest (or master) bath

Silk Sleepkit Pillowcase & Eye Mask

$130, thesleepcode.co
wear in the event of too much champagne
P & T

Pebble Teapot

$115, thesleepcode.com
especially chic on open shelving
Cocoon Tea Artisans

Herbal Blend

$32, thesleepcode.com
a different kind of nightcap
Susanne Kaufmann

Home Spa Box

$72, thesleepcode.com
R&R for the day after

La Primavera

$70, thesleepcode.com
florals that last longer than that bouquet you were going to buy